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From: Great French Spy Spoof of the 60's Secret Agent Film Genre! Date Added: 5/21/2008 11:48:28 AM

OSS 117 Cairo Nest Of Spies is a wonderfully amusing spoof of 60's Spy Films and the early Bond films in particular. Great period detail, production design, cinematograpy make this film a cut above most spy spoof films. Jean Dujardin's great comedic performance as French secret agent OSS 117 is the best element in the film, since it evokes Pink Panther's Inspector Jacques Clouseau, Naked Gun's Lt. Frank Drebin and Get Smart's Agent 86 Maxwell Smart. The Film's satiric overtones regarding Western Countries ignorance over Muslim/Arabie politics, history and culture as demonstrated by the OSS 117 character in the film, is a definite plus in this movie.

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