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From: raju chowdury Date Added: 5/27/2013 1:57:45 AM

The Dragon is one of the most important and familiar creatures of the Chinese culture. As with all Chinese signs, Dragons have certain characteristics that define them. The Dragon is an East, South-East oriented creature with a Yang (male) nature. It symbolizes health and harmony while its western zodiac equivalent is the Aries. Its associated gem stone, the Amethyst, is one of the most recognized precious stones. The Dragon is strongly associated with planet Mars.

Dragon people are very active during Spring. You can feel their energy rising during April which is their favorable month. Throughout the day, they rule from 7am until 9am. They like black, gold and green colors. They love to eat bread and poultry and drink a lot of water. You can find Dragon people all over the world but mostly in Asia and Central Europe.

Dragon people are very intelligent. Their influence touches everyone and everything around them. They like to be respected and honored because they feel they deserve it. They are usually successful. Their creative nature always work wonders in all matters. They have a wide circle of loyal friends, admirers and supporters who they may end up considering as slaves!

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