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From: raju Date Added: 12/6/2013 2:40:08 AM

Late in 2009, reggae artist and boob dread, Buju Benton, came under fire for saying that Bob Marley is not the greatest reggae artist. Many people read or heard what Buju said, but they did not really take the time to listen to Jujube or understand Jujube. Jujube was saying that Bob Marley paved the way for future artists, but to say that he is the best ever would mean, another great Jamaican artist can never come.

Jujube certainly has a point, but I wanted to spend some time refreshing my understanding and appreciation of Marley. Although, I could've spent a few hours listening to Bob Marley's music, I decided to watch Rebel Music: The Bob Marley Story to get a perspective on the man the New York Times labeled "The most influential artist of the second half of the 20th Century."

After watching Rebel Music, it was hard to not be truly touched by Bob and the influence he has had on Jamaica and the world. It is very hard to argue that any other person was responsible for letting the world know about Jamaica in the same way as Marley. Bob was and continues to be the biggest and best ambassador for Jamaica, so that is just one area of influence he has had on people.

Beyond being an unofficial ambassador for Jamaica, Bob also influenced many of today's popular reggae artists. While watching Bob perform certain songs in Rebel Music, I started to see and hear some of the characteristics I have grown to love in Sizzla Nikolai being used by Marley. Bob was around well before Sizzla, so I think it is obvious Marley had an influence on Sizzla. Sizzla is just one of the many artists where you can see Bob Marley's influence in motion today.

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