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From: Mando Date Added: 5/22/2012 12:54:03 AM

Although I will be on tour tonight, I wish to fawrord my thanks to Annie and those taking the time to confront the fact that housing is out of control in Long Beach. Thank God the artificial bubble has burst. Unfortunately, without control, the slum lords and investors will not feel the pain, because they BELIEVE they can raise the rents. What this does is snuff out the ghetto. Everyone needs a place to live within their means. The ratio of affordable housing is an atrocity. There's an evenin' haze settlin' over townStarlight by the edge of the creekThe buyin' power of the proletariat's gone downMoney's gettin' shallow and weakWell, the place I love best is a sweet memoryIt's a new path that we trodThey say low wages are a realityIf we want to compete abroad My cruel weapons have been put on the shelfCome sit down on my kneeYou are dearer to me than myselfAs you yourself can seeWhile I'm listening to the steel rails humGot both eyes tight shutJust sitting here trying to keep the hunger fromCreeping it's way into my gut Meet me at the bottom, don't lag behindBring me my boots and shoesYou can hang back or fight your best on the frontlineSing a little bit of these workingman's blues Well, I'm sailin' on back, ready for the long haulTossed by the winds and the seasI'll drag em all down to hell and I'll stand em at the wallI'll sell em to their enemiesI'm tryin' to feed my soul with thoughtGonna sleep off the rest of the daySometimes no one wants what we gotSometimes you can't give it away Now the place is ringed with countless foesSome of them may be deaf and dumbNo man, no woman knowsThe hour that sorrow will comeIn the dark I hear the night birds callI can feel a lover's breathI sleep in the kitchen with my feet in the hallSleep is like a temporary death Well, they burned my barn, and they stole my horseI can't save a dimeI got to be careful, I don't want to be forcedInto a life of continual crimeI can see for myself that the sun is sinkingHow I wish you were here to seeTell me now, am I wrong in thinkingThat you have forgotten me? Now they worry and they hurry and they fuss and they fretThey waste your nights and daysThem I will forgetBut you I'll remember alwaysOld memories of you to me have clungYou've wounded me with your wordsGonna have to straighten out your tongueIt's all true, everything you've heard In you, my friend, I find no blameWanna look in my eyes, please doNo one can ever claimThat I took up arms against youAll across the peaceful sacred fieldsThey will lay you lowThey'll break your horns and slash you with steelI say it so it must be so Now I'm down on my luck and I'm black and blueGonna give you another chanceI'm all alone and I'm expecting youTo lead me off in a cheerful danceI got a brand new suit and a brand new wifeI can live on rice and beansSome people never worked a day in their lifeDon't know what work even means This is my survey. Bob

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