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From: Djenie Date Added: 9/24/2012 2:36:13 AM

he can't perform, she imeatiedmly starts causing problems. I'd have to watch it again, but I'd bet she loses something at that point and feels the need to retaliate. Labels would indicate it came from someplace other than father. Completely works. The acting is what makes it so funny. It's a personal thing, but I prefer comedy to be played completely straight and to have no cues for the audience. I think this does that well. One person should be able to see it as completely serious, and another not see anything serious in it at all. For me, there's nothing serious here. It's absurdist comedy at its best. Obviously you saw something different, and that's great. It takes a lot of serious work to make that happen, but it ensures the story and characters grounded, preventing it from being a bunch of jackasses running around doing stupid crap. The children aren't able to have music with words they understand because that would constitute an outside influence. I took the parents listening to music as an added component to their owns sensuality. I think the eldest daughter saw more than Jaws and Rocky. there's a passage of time in there that led me to believe Christina was being blackmailed into giving up more than the two tapes. There's a movie where people keep mistaking a kid for Bruce Lee. I thought the Bruce thing was a reference to that. I'm not sure where the post-sex lines came from, but they're clearly not from Jaws or Rocky. This also reinforces the idea that the father is blackmailing Christina. She can't work her way out of a compromised situation.The game I thought she was calling off minutes and seconds telling them how long it was taking to find her. Licking the father was hilarious to me. It was also a great illustration of how the parents are also controlled by the situation. They adapt to the changes that the children introduce. Nice touch. The mother slaps the daughter because the daughter is challenging the system. They compete for the planes and the daughter can't simply say she's getting it. She has to earn it. Agreed on the porn element. It completely has a point. Nothing is gratuitous in this film. From a character standpoint, you're right about the incest. They may be a little off in keeping their family isolated, but they're not MONSTERS. The parents learned in the outside world, and they're trying to protect their family from that. But, it is also their flaw. The desire to protect leads to incest. It's a nice, tight little package with character motivation, a plot device and a story beat rolled into one action. I recall the subtitles being off during the scene where they mouth words. I'd have to watch it again, but I think there was some issue with them mouthing simultaneously that would have made the exchange unclear in subs, so they ran slightly longer than the exchange. I took the 11PM thing to be an illustration of how regimented the kid's lives are. The parents have to let their guard down sometime and that would be after the kids go to sleep. Not only does it show the kids lives are so structured that they have a procedure for not being asleep, a procedure would also alert the parents to keep their guard up and would insure against unauthorized night-time activity. Costume would definitely be intentional, and all kinds of thought goes into it. White is all about innocence and the filmmakers would have been fully aware of the implications. Okay I'll watch again tonight. The thing about the temperature had a particular meaning, but I can't remember what. This will require a second watching as I saw this about a year ago.Framing is all about conveying specific information in a way that is not obvious, or even conscious. I recall heads being cut off when either the character was unclear about something, or when the audience is supposed to be unclear about something, but, again, I'll have to give it a second watch to be more specific. The ending is exactly as it was intended. Open endings are never open. There is always enough information to determine outcome. In this case, her future is a question, so the open ending is the only logical ending.

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