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From: Mthulisi Date Added: 10/21/2012 10:34:43 PM

The man has major skills, as the wetalh he has accumulated for himself shows. He is also someone who could pass muster with a board of directors interviewing for a new CEO, but as a candidate for President, he is tone deaf and has a tin ear if anyone thinks the things he has been saying while trying to connect with voters are working. Things such as the corporations are people one, or the I'm unemployed, too one, or even the That waitress grabbed my ass one are just three examples. He's like the nerd, trying to fit in with the in crowd, tries to talk like them, but just doesn't get it and makes things worse. Be yourself should be the first rule of every candidate. Trying to do otherwise is a little like juggling lies. The more you do it, the greater chance you get tripped up.

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