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From: Tom Stockman Date Added: 2/2/2013 5:07:29 PM

There appears to be no question regarding Mumiaís guilt and LONG DISTANCE REVOLUTIONARY: A JOURNEY WITH MUMIA ABUL-JAMAL doesnít bother making an attempt to argue otherwise. Itís not a film like THIN BLUE LINE or PARADISE LOST that sets out to prove an innocent man is behind bars. Imagine if DELIVER US FROM EVIL, the 2006 documentary about a priest convicted of child molesting, focused on a bunch of celebrities gushing about the brilliance of the subjectís sermons, determined to put a halo on his head without once addressing his crimes. Abu-Jamal is constantly referred throughout the film as ďthe most famous political prisoner in the United StatesĒ, but thatís inaccurate. A political prisoner is someone who is imprisoned for his or her participation in political activity. I hope one thing that Democrats and Republicans alike can agree on is that cop killing is not political activity.

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