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From: elba matos Date Added: 4/2/2013 5:02:36 PM

The establishment needs scapegoats and human punching bags to release their anger and they usually target people of color for their anger. Mumia is this target for the white supremicist and the so called self made oligarchy or aristocracy of the USA. The establishment is seething with fury and anger for not being able to break this most upright and moral human being. Mumia is a teacher, even from behind bars he teaches all of us the correct path and how to treat others, he teaches us about history, the importance of studying, and how knowledge is power and self-estemm. Mumia is the most giving and sharing person I have ever known, he shares his knowledge to make us better, to make us strong and creative, not decadent and filled with mediocrity. The hate filled people imprisoning this most creative and valuble voice knows his potential impact on masses of people and that is why they try to silence his voice because he is articulate and upright. Having said that, i thank whole heartedly the makers of this creative documentary, it speaks to the power of creativity, it fights against the dullness of decadent capitalist society with its fetishesism of consumerism, the answer to a fascist organized society is to create more documentaries, more movies, arts, books and music that speaks to a popular culture and fights to wipe out nazism, fascisms and all forces of hatred.

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