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From: elba matos Date Added: 4/2/2013 5:32:11 PM

If you want to know how to make a documentary and steal the prize from the other documnetaries then this is the documentary to watch and analyze and it will make the job of making documentaries much easier for you. The different angles and approaches to get to the heart of the story is without a doubt a hit feature of this documentary. The historical background of black migration from the south is set with photos and analyzes that are very illuminating to the senses. The interviewees on Mumia's behalf set the arguments of his innocence in ways that captivate the intellect, soul and senses. For two hours there is not one second where you will lift your eyes from the screen. The telling about his up and coming fame as a radio broadcaster will certainly give you ideas of perhaps being a radio broadcaster yourself. There are just many powerful and strong messages in this documentary. Kudos to all who made this documentary and all of mumia's family and friends and especially Mumia. I just love you so much because all your essays and commentaries that i have listen to and read over the years has filled my life in ways that you can't even imagine. ona move

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