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From: Tom Stockman Date Added: 4/2/2013 10:22:08 PM

There is no doubt about Mumia's guilt. Saying he's innocent again and again won't change that. When you shoot a cop half a dozen times at point blank range in front of several witnesses, when the bullets from the copís body match your registered weapon, when that cop shoots you before he dies, when you refuse to testify on you own behalf, it doesnít look so good. The evidence was overwhelming and Mumia was convicted by a mixed-racejury. During the trial, Officer Faulkner's blood-stained shirt was displayed in the courtroom. Mumia deliberately turned around and grinned at Officer Faulkner's widow as her husband's shirt was displayed. Several witnesses saw this. Such a deliberate act of pure evil is not characteristic of an innocent man.

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