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From: elba matos Date Added: 5/2/2013 2:11:03 PM

Lastly, i am intimately familar with the national security state as i have studied it for the last one hundred years, and I have personally been a subject of their evil and wicked ways, i can speak volumes about this subject. The agent provacutuers use word associations, and book associations to real situations of death. Plenty of times a death in my area or the University where i work at had similar name associaions to the authors of the books that i was currently reading, believe me i could not make this up myself. It is the most strangest and odd guilt trip that they try to impose on another. Same with this film, I could say that the creator who goes by the name Victorria has a similar name of a teacher who was killed at the Newtown school massacre, perhaps it is coincidence and someting that belongs in some fiction-mystery, i just know that plenty of times these wierd things have happened to me. The point that i am making is that as a tribute to them in their memory everyone should go see this movie. I feel crazy putting this in this space, but since a certain person is accusing mumia of being guilty of commiting a murder that HE DID not Commit then ....

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