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From: carpinteyromum Date Added: 4/17/2013 3:46:13 AM

Supranational computer hacker sort "Anonymous" announced on the 16th heyday, for the rack of North Korea to celebrate the "Sun Holy day", five North Korean low-down website that promotes the attack and caused the paralysis.
"Anonymous", "Brummagem Fete" of the late North Korean President Kim Il Sung, the 101 anniversary of the birth of this group on the 15th day attack five North Korean sites, including North Korea on the Korean website that promotes national compatibility network "(also translated" We between nations "), English news website" public concentric "and" Baekdu - Halla mountain Network. "
An "Anonymous" members of the Korean arm earlier in the micro-blog spot "Cheep" message, said the hour of the nought of the Korean network arrangement nearly.
"Anonymous" earlier this month claimed that "defeated" a number of North Korean sites, to dissent against North Korea is trying to occasion atomic weapons.
South Korea, "Main Diurnal" reported that members of the "Anonymous" claimed that the trespass of "nationalistic solidarity network," and openly nearby 15,000 members. To jurist from the e-mail location, of which back 2000 members from Korea.
South Korean perception intercession National Discernment trigger an research to back up that the owners of these accounts is a violating of the law prohibited from agreeable in pro-DPRK activities. South Korean media reports, some of the e-mail does not exist, the holder of some of the e-mail said they do not identify that he is a fellow of the "nationalist unity network".

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