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From: Tri Date Added: 1/14/2013 6:39:51 AM

My next door neighbor and I straetd our book club in 2003. We meet the first Monday of every month in a set rotation that is flexible enough to switch when necessary. Each member is assigned a month to select a book which we all MUST read. We are very careful in regard to new members they must be voracious readers who are willing to expand their horizons and be open to almost any genre. We try hard to go around and individually comment on the month's selection without too much interruption (we can get off topic very easily if this isn't followed closely), and we usually succeed. The person sho has selected the book goes last and usually ties up any loose ends and the discussion is then open to the floor it really is very loose throughout but these are our general practices. There are 7 of us that have been meeting since 2003 regularly with one nomadic member that joins us every summer. I think a larger group would get out of hand. One thing to remember is that there Must be wine and cheese! We've become incredibly close and all of us would love to meet weekly however unmanageable that would become!

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