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From: Urban Doc Date Added: 5/31/2013 11:15:35 PM

A friend in LA, who teaches at U of C saw this film and suggested I give it a view. One word: HORRIFIC!! I tried very hard to make this review 'prettier', because I sat among the film's actors, who were in attendance. But how is that possible with a film that makes African Americans appear retarded, sex crazed, and/or drug dealers/users, devoid of any connection with humanity? Or makes Italians look like simple violence crazed gangsters? I arrived early to check out the brothers (small 'cozy' venue) and I was rewarded with a world class act presented by 2 uncouth brothers (the Cohen brothers have nothing to worry about!)As much as I wanted to say hello and invite insight into the film, the two seemed intent on engaging in clown-like antics without much regard to unknown 'potential' supporters. Even the gratuitous female sycophant seemed tired, bored, and out of place. This background info is provided to explain the script which was directionless and yet tried to connect what appeared to be several story lines. Gratuitous violence, sex and drug use, are the norm, used to maintain audience interest. 45 minutes in and I was ready to go, but my companion insisted that we stay so as not to embarrass the film makers. So I endured the pain. By the way, as a Professor of Urban Education, the use of the urban phrase, Run It, is completely out of context. This film, obviously aimed at a hip urban audience actually has the appeal of rotten fruit to the less than civilized film viewing palate. After 2 hours of torture, I was grateful to be allowed an unobtrusive exit. Staying for the Q and A period was completely unthinkable. Maybe the next effort will be more organized and thoughtful.

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