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From: Jellocreallchris Date Added: 5/19/2013 1:45:34 PM

As an avid photographer I've come aocrss this issue as well. As you use an external drive to backup to I'm assuming you don't use a computer like a Mac Pro with space for internal drives, which would really be optimal.For normal working storage I stripe three 2TB drives and partition off the fastest section for maximum throughput. This gives me enough space to work with my files.As for backups, depending on the amount of data you have, you might have to opt for striping a couple drives, but if you can I'd mirror your backups. Redundant backups keep you covered for any likely hardware failure. I'd also recommend backing up to drives you swap in one or two week rotations, e.g. first week you update with your newest photos, swap out to second drive the next week after leaving the first drive and update that, etc.. I use a simple single drive enclosure for this.As for online storage, what I currently do is export my keepers which I flag in Lightroom to DNG and back those specific files up. My photoshop files are always backed up online, as are my Lightroom catalogs, so I don't lose any processing work either. In the event of total local (and likely city wide) data loss that could be caused by say a tsunami or earthquake that wipes all your backups (including the drives you have in rotation) you still have all your significant data backed up onto servers around the world. Peace of mind. Unless you make a mistake, of course, which is most likely. With such systems, being diligent of handling data and keeping your cool in the event of drive failure is imperative.

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