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PRODIGAL SONS -  (unrated)

2010 - USA - English - 86 minutes - First Run Features

Directed by: Kimberly Reed

Featuring: Kimberly Reed, Carol McKerrow, Marc McKerrow

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Filmmaker Kimberly Reed dives headfirst into an unflinching portrait of her family that is absolutely engrossing and marks her coming-out, in more ways than one. Returning home to a small town in Montana for her high school reunion, Reed hopes for reconciliation with her long-estranged adopted brother. But along the way PRODIGAL SONS uncovers stunning revelations, including a blood relationship with Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth, intense sibling rivalries and unforeseeable twists of plot and gender.

Reed's rare access delicately reveals not only the family's most private moments, but also an epic scope as the film travels from Montana to Croatia, from jail cell to football field, from deaths to births. Kim Reed’s compassionate vérité style of filmmaking captures the lives of her family in such an organic way that their exceptional and challenging stories puncture the surface of our expectations. Questions of sexual orientation, identity, severe trauma and family love are effortlessly explored as the subjects freely open up their lives to the camera.

Raw, emotional and provocative, PRODIGAL SONS offers a moving, illuminating examination of one family’s struggle to come to terms with its past and present. It's sure to open both your mind and your heart.

"PRODIGAL SONS galvanized audiences...this film will fascinate inquisitive viewers on multiple levels."
-Todd McCarthy, Variety

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Users Comments

Posted by : BR of Lewes Date Added: 1/23/2010 12:45:45 PMreport this post 
I saw this in November and found it compelling. It paints a refreshing picture of a very grounded lesbian who came to that orientation through gender change. She uses the format to showcase the very personal and tragic family struggle to deal with unpredictable behavior manifested from traumatic brain injury. Highly recommended.

Posted by : Oberkorn Date Added: 2/19/2010 10:05:25 AMreport this post 
All I can say is go see this film in theaters while you can. You've never seen a story like this before.

Posted by : Gary Date Added: 2/19/2010 11:49:20 AMreport this post 

Posted by : will Date Added: 2/19/2010 11:50:08 AMreport this post 
The trailer is amazing and doesn't even do the movie justice. GO see it!

Posted by : Melinda Date Added: 2/19/2010 11:51:03 AMreport this post 
Very emotionally compelling movie. I will be seeing it again.

Posted by : Nick Date Added: 2/19/2010 11:51:34 AMreport this post 
Awesome Movie. Helped me forget about my divorce for two hours.

Posted by : Jason Date Added: 2/19/2010 11:52:04 AMreport this post 
Best documentary I have seen in a long time about a wide range of issues.

Posted by : Stella Godfrey Date Added: 2/19/2010 5:59:36 PMreport this post 
This film is incredible. The fact that the director is transgender has been really played up in the press and while this is part of the film, the heart of the movie really is watching the family deal with the mental illness of the director's brother. It is beautiful to see them pull together to help the brother and also learn that to continue helping him they must stay healthy themselves. This is truly a film about family values. Very touching and heartwarming - sort of like Home For The Holidays, but real.

Posted by : Reed Cowan Date Added: 2/20/2010 8:59:11 PMreport this post 
Brilliant film making. Bold truth-telling that in the end calls for the liberation of the spirit and the perserverance of a family to remain true regardless of circumstance. I love this film. Reed Cowan, DIRECTOR 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION

Posted by : Ann Date Added: 2/26/2010 12:40:33 PMreport this post 
An amazing piece of cinema...Director Kimberly Reed takes us where few directors have gone before. Gripping.

Posted by : J. Moore Date Added: 2/26/2010 7:58:37 PMreport this post 
To see this story unfold on the screen, was a powerful experience. I also have known the family for many years and knew the stories all too well. But to see and feel the struggle, hopes and fears of these amazing friends was surprisingly touching. Such love, such courage and such strength...

Posted by : Edmund Eng Date Added: 2/28/2010 4:42:41 PMreport this post 
Support this Indie film. Evokes powerful insights into relationship to oneself and the world. A documentary that we wish we had the courage to make!

Posted by : BikerDude13 Date Added: 9/2/2010 10:24:54 AMreport this post 
What an amazing story...! One of the best docs I've ever seen.

Posted by : Kristen Coates Date Added: 9/2/2010 10:50:38 AMreport this post 
Amazing film.

Posted by : ck dexter haven Date Added: 9/2/2010 11:59:20 AMreport this post 
See this film! 5 Stars! So many twists and turns!

Posted by : raindog212 Date Added: 9/2/2010 12:13:23 PMreport this post 
Wonderful film! The trials and tribulations of Kimberly and her family are engrossing, touching, funny and overall just inspiring. Bravo to the family for their compassion and bravery!

and CK Dexter Haven...LOVE the name! One of the BEST films ever!

Posted by : George Pelham Date Added: 9/2/2010 9:39:22 PMreport this post 
Saw it at Outfest in Los Angeles October. Great Great film. Let me know if it's ever back in Souther California.

Posted by : Jessica Date Added: 10/2/2010 12:35:52 AMreport this post 
This is an absolutely beautiful move. The women in this movie are brave and graceful. Life is a journey and it was a wonderful gift for Kimberly to share hers with the world.

Posted by : Kate Huh Date Added: 10/2/2010 6:12:21 PMreport this post 
Visually & emotionally stunning! One of the most moving documentaries I've ever seen.

Posted by : Marci B Date Added: 10/2/2010 6:26:58 PMreport this post 
I saw this film at last year's Denver international film festival. It shows raw emotion of unbelievable proportions and tells the transgender story from many angles, especially familial. It is courageous and beautiful and absolutely shocking.

Posted by : tracey Date Added: 11/2/2010 4:19:03 PMreport this post 
i saw this at the SF GLBT film fest.
blew me away great!
what a wonderful film!!

Posted by : Ken & Kathy Williams Date Added: 12/2/2010 11:09:43 PMreport this post 
Awsome! Saw the film in Seattle; and, as old friends of the McKerrows in Helena, we were just thrilled! Everyone needs to view this film to identify feelings perhaps latent within themselves.

Posted by : Kevinn Date Added: 9/24/2012 5:42:45 AMreport this post 
I\'ll start off the conversation. Michael Moore\'s Bowling for Columbine was a mind-blower for me. I liked the use of cronaots to talk about race relations in the U.S. But, I was saddened by the Charleton Heston interview at the end of the movie.

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