Ended on 5/20/2010


2009 - Switzerland/USA - English - 80 minutes - Argot Pictures

Directed by: Ruedi Gerber

Featuring: Anna Halprin, Merce Cunningham, Lawrence Halprin

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BREATH MADE VISIBLE is the first feature length film about the life and career of Anna Halprin, the American dance pioneer who has helped redefine our notion of modern art with her belief in dance's power to teach, heal, and transform at all ages of life.

This cinematic portrait blends recent interviews with counterparts such as the late Merce Cunningham, archival footage, including her establishment of the first multiracial dance company in the U.S, and excerpts of current performances such as "Parades and Changes" at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, to weave a stunning, inspiring account of one of the most important cultural icons in modern dance.

"Ms. Halprin becomes quite as rich a subject for film as Ms. Monk: another odd face, another wonderfully calm (though ardently enthusiastic) and open talker, another (and senior) artist who responds to both politics and scenery."

"Engaging. Illustrative. The quintessential Left Coast choregrapher Anna Haprin has helped push the boundaries of modern dance."

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Posted by : Cinthia Menutole Date Added: 4/25/2010 3:28:07 PMreport this post 
Sometimes, a documentary movie can have an actual physical effect on you. It gets under your defenses and creates a visceral feeling that might as well be real. I very much engaged at the history and the humor is fantastic, making many of us, the audience, laugh out loud. We got a complete sense of common enjoyment and the aspect of living a life with a community purpose was one of the messages, making this movie a must see, specially at the current times. Inspiring, engaging and fun!

Posted by : Cinthia Menutole Date Added: 4/25/2010 3:31:50 PMreport this post 
Hey, I forgot to add my rate... The real rate is 5!

Posted by : Anna L. Smith Date Added: 5/18/2010 1:04:07 PMreport this post 
'Breath Made Visible' is a vivid reflection of true Creativity-in-Essence & Action. A poignant documentary that weaves and mirrors the life-force of Anna Halprin. A re-energizing of Conscious Awareness- Experiencing this film is an Engagement and Celebration of Humanity. Have your Heart Awakened & Inspired!

Posted by : Fulin Date Added: 1/5/2012 4:48:28 PMreport this post 
Dear Anna..congratulations what a spectacular webtise and life achievement. Doing what you love and finding wellness is a gift to yourself and everyone you assist. At 58 I climb mountains, canoe wild rivers with my family and whenever I am out there my body performs well in whatever I ask it/me to do, while still all these years carrying 30 lbs I do not need. In the wilderness I excel, then back home I slide. I marvel at myself, am grateful for each day and envision attainment of my peak physical condition more often than I ever actually achieve it. I know how, I just haven't yet manifested the daily action. And so, dear Anna your webtise inspires me and I begin today. I wish you peace and joy and on all levels abundance. much love debby ladouceur

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