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2010 - USA - English - 87 minutes - Magic Lantern

Directed by: David Sigal

Featuring: Julianne Moore, Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Musto

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Let Julianne Moore, Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Musto and other famous (and infamous) faces take you on a fantastic voyage to New York City's legendary Florent diner.

For 23 years, the all-night eatery in the city's Meat Packing District was prime stomping ground for a surprising mix of A-list celebrities, tourists, families and club kids, and it played an important role in LGBT activism and culture. This wildly entertaining documentary chronicles the history and final days of this outrageous icon!


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Posted by : Maryanne Meeks Date Added: 1/6/2011 10:59:40 AMreport this post 
I saw this movie last night and loved it. What a great documentary. If you love New York you will love this movie. Florent himself is an inspiration

Posted by : Alex Capecelatro Date Added: 2/5/2011 1:16:32 AMreport this post 
Beautiful. Brilliant. Provocative. Sincere.

Florent transcends a man, a restaurant, even the great city. This eye opening work is a must see!

Posted by : Gansevoort goonie Date Added: 2/5/2011 9:48:53 AMreport this post 
Florent is more than a memory, it remains a movement. No film better captures the energy, excitement and glory of New York in the 80s and 90s, even amidst great loss. Florent Queen of the Meat Market is a perfect time capsule, preserving like an insect in resin the marvelous magic of an era.

Posted by : New York Film Buff Date Added: 2/5/2011 11:19:55 AMreport this post 
I caught FLORENT at the Food Festival last year, where it won "Best Picture." Glad I did. I'm a transplant New Yorker who only heard about the crazy things in NYC in the 80s and 90s and this movie brought all that excitement to life!

Posted by : Carol Alanson Date Added: 2/5/2011 12:46:16 PMreport this post 
I saw a rough cut of this at newfest and absolutely loved it. It was charming,funny and inspirational - everything that Florent himself is

Posted by : Jerry Felix Date Added: 2/5/2011 1:39:31 PMreport this post 
I was lucky enough to experience the times, the city, the neighborhood, the restaurant AND the person. This piece captures the essence of all five. The movie is a (re)invigorating (re)visit to the spirit, fun, substance and irreverence of Florent...man and place.

Posted by : Owain Hughes Date Added: 2/5/2011 2:41:49 PMreport this post 
This film is as lively and irreverent as its subject and star "Monsieur Hilton" - full of delightful clips down memory lane. If you were there, you'll enjoy the old memories - if you weren't there it's a shame, but you'll still love it and wonder why you weren't!

Posted by : Adam Chromy Date Added: 3/5/2011 10:47:11 AMreport this post 
This wonderfully made film perfectly captured an era and New York landmark sadly lost to progress and gentrification. See a time when cool was something you were because of what you did, not something you bought. Highly recommended.

Posted by : cinephile68 Date Added: 3/5/2011 10:55:43 AMreport this post 
I loved Florent, the man and the restaurant, and this film brought it all back to me. It's a well-made tribute to a special piece of NYC that is forever gone. I want to see it every night while it's at Cinema Village!

Posted by : douglas riccardi Date Added: 4/5/2011 12:27:11 PMreport this post 
Run! Donít Walk!
This movie instantly brings you back to the days of wine and fries. While we all loathe nostalgia, it is hard not to watch with a tear in your eye ó pining for a place we all called home.

Posted by : Carol Gardens Date Added: 5/15/2011 12:21:18 AMreport this post 
The story of the man and restaurant that pioneered the meat packing district. Florent made activism fun, and everyone I talk to who hung out downtown then has a story about going there at 5AM to see some crazy things. A perfect story arc, great editing, and a score that really evokes the times.

Posted by : DK Date Added: 5/30/2011 11:35:16 PMreport this post 
Loved this film. A little slice of an era. I love Florent's attitude! Not to be stuck in sentimentalizing the time. Yay! Moving on. My only problem with the movie is that there was little to no reference to the food. The food at Florent was FABULOUS! It's a lovely film.

Posted by : Straight, boring Villager Date Added: 6/22/2011 1:28:22 AMreport this post 
Much of what made Florent so special was that the restaurant welcomed everyone - even straight, boring Villager dwellers like myself. The movie captures all that - the craziness, the camaraderie, the courage to open a restaurant in a place that was pretty rough back in the day. I always felt welcome at Florent, and the movie showed how a man and his vision created a place where everyone fit in unless you were intolerant of anyone else there. Watching this movie, I discovered fascinating things I never knew about Florent the restaurant, and Florent the man.

Posted by : Abe Van Meter Date Added: 7/4/2011 12:34:20 PMreport this post 
One Frenchman and his eponymous diner become the epitome of pre-hipster hip while remaining a welcoming beacon for an island of misfit toys.
For anybody who wants to remember the days before Carrie Bradshaw & Co. ruined the meatpacking district or anybody who can't imagine a thriving bohemian scene of performance, politics, ideas, art, and delectable debauchery under the HighLine, Florent is a must see.

Posted by : Philip Pierce, Ph.D. Date Added: 7/5/2011 1:40:15 PMreport this post 
Wonderful documentary! Saw it at Outfest and the theater was packed with an audience who loved it. Not only a terrific social political commentary but a tremendous portrait of a truly remarkable spirit.

Posted by : elisabeth hullin Date Added: 9/5/2011 4:42:17 AMreport this post 
fantastic ! I love Florent, he is a person so clever with enormous imagination. the film is perfect. But, I am a little nostalgique. It's the life. Thank you, thank you

Posted by : Indie Film Lover Date Added: 9/5/2011 11:04:58 AMreport this post 
This movie is a little time capsule of NYC near the turn of the last century. I liked the crazy performances from the cabaret set that frequented the restaurant. Plus it has a layer of profoundness that I never really expected from a movie about a diner. Go see it.

Posted by : Cey Adams Date Added: 10/6/2011 10:20:33 PMreport this post 
I love this movie! tons of memories hanging at Florent during the 80's and 90's

Posted by : anonymous Date Added: 12/5/2011 10:08:07 PMreport this post 
Little was said about how the prostitutes and their pimps, whom Florent adored, affected nearby residents:having sex in front of apartment buildings,causing female residents to be harassed by cruising Johns, sending several locals who complained to the St. Vincent's emergency room after injuring them, etc. Florent loved having these law breakers in our neighborhood, but he had a buccolic country house to escape to.I'm sure that he never invited these low lifes to join him there.

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