Ended on 3/15/2012


2010 - Sweden - Swedish - 102 minutes

Directed by: Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson

Featuring: Bengt Nilsson, Sanna Persson and Magnus Börjeson

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Join us Sunday March 11th for a Q and A with the directors of SOUND OF NOISE following the 7:10pm showing. An introduction of the 9:20pm show will follow.

Has insanity finally taken hold of policeman Amadeus Warnebring, or is it the rest of the world that has gone absolutely mad? Either way, what first seems to be the most difficult case of his career, turns out to be his only chance of salvation. SOUND OF NOISE tells the story of a bold policeman who, while hunting an elusive gang of six activist drummers, is forced to descend into the seventh circuit of his own private hell and FACE THE MUSIC!

"The basic premise of this delightful comedy from Sweden is one of the most imaginative you'll ever see."
- Hollywood Reporter

"A delightful comic cocktail of modern city symphony, police procedural and love story."
- Variety

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Posted by : Mark Date Added: 2/19/2012 8:45:22 AMreport this post 
Do you rebmemer the song "Walk Like an Egyptian"? Sounds like it might be predicting your circumstance. Never enough excitement.

Posted by : Noruelma Date Added: 3/18/2012 4:48:23 AMreport this post 
I met Karolina last week at the Thames Saturday morning amekrt and ordered a pair of baby sneakers from her, in the same design as smaller ones on her stall. They are a soft grey, with a handpainted unfolding fern design up one side and along the front in a lively green. At the back is NZ . Karolina delivered them to my letterbox 2 days later, and they are just beautiful. Also practical (they can be washed) and flexible and soft for little feet. And only $15.00. Amazing value.PS. I am not related to Karolina!

Posted by : Oswaldo Date Added: 3/18/2012 4:59:17 PMreport this post 
Hi Bess.It was a very nice weekend and nice to meet you too. I lreant so much and I really like my backpack.The white shoes comes in sizes women's 8 to men's 13 i think. They are in European sizes 38-48. I'm glad you like them. Let me know if you want a pair.Hope to see you in Whitianga. K

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