Ended on 5/3/2012


2012 - USA - English - 82 minutes - Hybrid Cinema

Directed by: Bob Hercules

Featuring: Gerry Arpino, Robert Joffrey, Gary Chryst, Christian Holder, Trinette Singleton, Kevin McKenzie

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Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance tells the story of this groundbreaking cultural treasure, known as the first truly American dance company. Narrated by Tony and Emmy Award winner Mandy Patinkin and directed by Bob Hercules (Bill T. Jones-A Good Man), the film documents how The Joffrey Ballet revolutionized American ballet by daringly combining modern dance with traditional ballet technique, combining art with social statement and setting ballets to pop and rock music scores.

The film weaves a wealth of rare archival footage and photographs along with interviews featuring former and current Joffrey star dancers, showing the full history of the Company from its founding to the present. It describes how the Joffrey repeatedly resurrected itself after devastating financial and artistic setbacks and introduced cutting-edge choreographers such as Twyla Tharp, Laura Dean and Margo Sappington to larger audiences.

Featuring rare excerpts from many seminal Joffrey works including Astarte, Trinity and Billboards, as well as breakthrough collaborations with choreographers Twyla Tharp (Deuce Coupe), Kurt Jooss (The Green Table) and Leonide Massine (Parade).

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Posted by : Lhaixza Date Added: 1/5/2012 4:26:11 AMreport this post 
when I was about 13 years old I took a summer class in prgaoohtphy at an art school...one afternoon we went to the dance class where the ballerinas were practicing and I shot some black and white film that when I developed it reminded me of the degas dancers...I know I must have that film somewhere...I'll have to hunt it down at my parents' house...I'd love to try that again. this is such a gorgeous photo. dancers are so graceful and lithe...there's nothing quite like watching them. they don't look real. something that beautiful and natural-looking although perfectly choreographed could only exist in dreams...sigh...

Posted by : Suzy Carroll Date Added: 4/28/2012 6:06:09 PMreport this post 
Can't wait to see this! Sounds fabulous!!

Posted by : site Date Added: 5/24/2014 11:01:49 AMreport this post 
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