Ended on 6/28/2012

THE PIGEONEERS -  (unrated)

2012 - USA - English - 111 minutes - Croseri Productions

Directed by: Alessandro Croseri

Featuring: Col. Clifford A. Poutre, Chief Pigeoneer US Army Signal Corps, 1936-1943

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In this debut film, director Alessandro Croseri delivers a stunningly beautiful ode to combat pigeons and their pigeoneers. The documentary follows Col. Clifford Poutre at age 103 during the final year of his life and examines his innovations in the training of homing pigeons for combat missions during World War II.

Drawing on a rich array of archival footage, the film tells the story of Poutreís thirty-one years of military service as former Chief Pigeoneer of the U.S. Army Signal Corps, his successful rejection of "starvation" methods of training in favor of a system defined by kindness and care, his pigeonsí remarkable feats both in combat and in civilian races, and his notable friendships with the likes of Nikola Tesla, himself an impassioned pigeon handler in the later years of his life.

Through a collection of intimate interviews and black and white photography set to the nostalgic tunes of Glenn Miller, The Pigeoneers serves up a one-of-a-kind tribute and heartfelt exploration of the complex, interdependent relationships between humans and the birds we so often overlook.

"Thereís no doubting that The Pigeoneers, Alessandro Croseriís documentary about the use of pigeons by the military, is a labor of love..... it seems downright unpatriotic not to celebrate the accomplishments of these birds who served valiantly and who were rewarded with such honors as the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Medal...... "
- Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter, June 11, 2012.

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Posted by : Fr Dick Kim Date Added: 4/29/2012 1:02:55 PMreport this post 
Unfortunately I'll not be able to attend the showing of this film. Hopefully this film will be reproduced on DVD and made available sometime soon!

Fr Dick Kim

Posted by : fZFxh Date Added: 6/10/2014 1:38:41 PMreport this post 
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