Ended on 10/11/2012


2012 - USA - English - 82 minutes - 4 Reel Films

Directed by: Shari Berman

Featuring: Caroline Luft, Gerry Birnbach, Trevor Nelson, Jennifer Lynn Malloy

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“My Life As Abraham Lincoln” - winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and an Award of Excellence from Indie Fest - is a dark, surreal comedy. Cindy Rossberg has apparently killed her fiancé on her wedding day. Her psychiatrist encourages her to move forward with her life. However, as she attempts to do so, she finds reality too difficult to contend with as she is bound to the events of the past. Cindy spirals into a non-linear world of bizarre situations that become increasingly influenced by a murder mystery she is writing. Each incident has its own emotional undercurrent reflected by a constant morphing of styles created by her mind to help deal with her life. The film is about the rollercoaster ride of the dichotomy of being a woman in the 21st Century and not so much about the narrative of the piece. In the end, it is up to each viewer to decide what is real and what is not just as it is up to Cindy to decide how to view and live her life.

This film is running as a double feature with “The Yakuza & The Mermaid”.

“Dense and beautifully shot...”
- Dustin Freeley, Online Film Critics Society

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Posted by : Yogesh Date Added: 9/25/2012 8:53:57 PMreport this post 
Hay una gran diversidad en la poibcalon del Caribe hispano, con personas de origen europeo o indigena, y un numero importante de negros y mulatos. Le presencia de varias culturas en el Caribe se refleja en la lengua, la comida, la musica y las practicas religioso-paganas de algunos miembros de su poibcalon.

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