Ended on 10/25/2012

GAYBY -  (unrated)

2012 - USA - English - 89 minutes - The Film Collaborative

Directed by: Jonathan Lisecki

Featuring: Jenn Harris, Matthew Wilkas and Mike Doyle

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Jenn and Matt are best friends from college who are now in their 30s. Single by choice, Jenn spends her days teaching hot yoga and running errands for her boss. Matt suffers from comic-book writer’s block and can’t get over his ex-boyfriend. They decide to fulfill a youthful promise to have a child together… the old-fashioned way. Can they navigate the serious and unexpected snags they hit as they attempt to get their careers and dating lives back on track in preparation for parenthood? “Gayby” is an irreverent comedy about friendship, growing older, sex, loneliness, and the family you chose.

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Users Comments

Posted by : adam Date Added: 8/10/2012 3:05:27 PMreport this post 
best gay comedy in a decade

Posted by : Virginia Date Added: 9/10/2012 7:52:34 AMreport this post 
Best date movie in a long long time--a sweet rom-com guaranteed to make you laugh so hard.

Posted by : Lisa Date Added: 9/10/2012 8:57:30 PMreport this post 
Hilarious and heartwarming! Great movie!

Posted by : Gaspar Marino Date Added: 10/14/2012 4:10:31 PMreport this post 
Very entertaining movie about friendly relationships going awry when a gay man and straight women decide to "make a baby". All the characters are true to life and the situations heartwarming and often funny. I enjoyed it alot!

Posted by : Taofik Date Added: 10/22/2012 3:05:33 PMreport this post 
It is not heavy at all! I bought this rtelnecy on One Kings Lane for $80 (I am very addicted to that site- I can send you an invite, with a $10 credit for me and you) . But I digress, I just had an outdoor dinner party- and four adults sat and ate comfortably on this table. Plus the wood is beautiful. It is perfect for a classy tailgate too (Geaux Saints!).

Posted by : Tawny Date Added: 11/10/2012 11:27:34 PMreport this post 
If you haven't laughed out loud at the movies in a while--and been surrounded by other people doing it, too--Gayby is exactly what you need. Really a delight.

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