Ended on 10/18/2012

HOTEL NOIR -  (unrated)

2012 - USA - English - 97 minutes - Gato Negro Films

Directed by: Sebastian Gutierrez

Featuring: Carla Gugino, Mandy Moore and Rufus Sewell

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Los Angeles, 1958: a detective checks into a downtown hotel, hiding from thugs he has crossed. As one long night turns to day, he encounters a gallery of dangerous, unpredictable characters and the particulars of how he ended up in this predicament come to light.

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Posted by : Danny Murtaugh Date Added: 5/10/2012 1:12:00 AMreport this post 
A snappy, funny, surprisingly moving homage to noir with ace performances all around, HOTEL NOIR is both tribute and next step in the dichotomy of noir, placing character and dialogue upfront and center in a terrific night at the movies! Highly recommended.

Posted by : Elmore Leonard/crime novelist Date Added: 10/10/2012 12:15:01 AMreport this post 
Funny, sexy and tense, Hotel Noir has a jazzy rhythm all its own and is chockfull of smart lines and intriguing women. I thoroughly enjoyed it

Posted by : bear_m Date Added: 10/15/2012 1:33:23 AMreport this post 
I read a lot of old detective stories. This is a great take on them: crisp and funny dialog, crisp black and white photography full of light and shadow, a deadpan detective, the obligatory blonde (apparently a requirement of the genre) and a cast of low-life bad guys. I recommend it. I would see it again.

My only gripe - the print has annoyingly jerky motions in many action sequences, particularly where there is left-right movement (cars, dancing), giving parts of the movie the jumpy look of a bad 8mm home movie from the early 60's. Maybe the film editor was asleep during the "frames per second" class at film school.

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