Ended on 12/13/2012

HIDDEN COLORS 2 -  (unrated)

2012 - USA - English - 150 minutes - King Flex Entertainment

Directed by: Tariq Nasheed

Featuring: Michelle Alexander, Tony Browder and Booker T. Coleman

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HIDDEN COLORS 2 is the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2011 documentary about the untold history of people of African and aboriginal descent. This installment of HIDDEN COLORS examines topics such as:
“The Global African Presence”
“The Science of Melanin”
“The Truth About the Prison Industrial Complex”
“How Thriving Black Economic Communities Were Undermined in America”
“The Hidden Truth about Native Americans” and much more.

HIDDEN COLORS 2 is directed by New York Times best-selling author and film producer Tariq Nasheed (HIDDEN COLORS, THE EUGENIST)

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Posted by : M Date Added: 12/14/2012 9:52:37 AMreport this post 
I have the most respect for this movie theatre for showing this film.The best movie experience i probably ever had in my life.

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