Ended on 12/26/2012

MADOKA MAGICA -  (unrated)

2012 - Japan - Japanese (with English subtitles) - 240 minutes - Eleven Arts

Directed by: Yukihiro Miyamoto

Featuring: Aoi Yuki, Chiwa Saito, Kaori Mizuhashi, Eri Kitam, Ai Nonaka, Emiri Kato

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica follows the story of a 14 year old girl named Madoka Kaname. Madoka is offered the opportunity of gaining magical powers if she agrees to make a contract with a strange little being named Kyubey, Kyubey will also grant Madoka one wish, but in exchange she shall risk her life by accepting the responsibilities of fighting witches. Little does Madoka know what the real risks of making a contract has in-store for her.

**Due to the length of this show, tickets will be sold for $20.00 for the entire 4-hour run time of this two-part screening.

***First 30 customers in line get a free Madoka Magica poster!

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