Ended on 2/10/2013

ROOFTOPS -  (unrated)

 - USA - English - 95 minutes

Directed by: Joshua Mayes

Featuring: Amanda Dillard, Joshua Mayes, Keith Kallen, C. E. Bruner and Candace Janee

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Rooftops is the story of Ricky, a young painter on the front of the hipster movement, who is getting his first taste of success. But happiness evades him; his world is one floundering in the wake of an unhealthy family, confused by a movement built on the absence of moral absolutes, and burdened with the weight of past heartaches kept secret. Such heartaches, tucked neatly away in the deep channels of his memory, are dredged again to the surface when his teenage sister, Sailor, confides in him her un-wanted pregnancy.

Overnight his work grinds to a halt - his creative flow corked by heartaches he hasn't faced, demons he would rather ignore. So begins an intimate journey into one young man's past, the bond between brother and sister, and the torment of the artist. On one level their story explores the obvious moral questions, while on a deeper level it examines the disparity between a worldview built on faith in definitive answers, and one built on the search for truth. The story marvels at the role perspective plays in our lives. How that often in the midst of some tragedy, the noise of the world is too loud for us to think clearly, or understand what we're going through. But with a little distance we are able to see with astonishing clarity what it was that happened, and maybe feel it deeper, and come to let go.

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