Ended on 6/6/2013

RUN IT -  (unrated)

2009 - USA - English - 110 minutes - Vago Productions

Directed by: Evangelos Giovanis, George Giovanis

Featuring: Louis Zorich, Sam Coppola, Armen Garo

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Two thugs, a substitute teacher, and a young student get tangled up in violent crimes that unexpectedly bind them together in an unforgiving day.

"The film shows an appreciation of John Cassavetes and his in-your-face techniques."
- The National Herald

“Evangelos and George Giovanis, a writer/director/song writer/actor team appear poised to give the Coen Brothers (“Millers Crossing,” “No Country For Old Men”) a run for their money.”
- The National Herald

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Users Comments

Posted by : Dean Date Added: 1/6/2013 10:53:33 AMreport this post 
Thank God for independent films!

Posted by : Ajay Date Added: 2/6/2013 2:08:26 PMreport this post 
Urban Doc sounds too politically correct and to be suffering from a low-grade envy of people who create to be reviewing movies. Next time, Doc, review it, don't refuse it.

Posted by : aleks Date Added: 2/6/2013 5:43:37 PMreport this post 
this movie was raw, meaningful and one of a kind on all fronts

Posted by : Joe Blow Date Added: 5/6/2013 8:08:17 PMreport this post 
I agree with Urban Doc: the film was terrible. It lacked continuity, suffered from poor editing and a simplistic story line. In a word: meah! He at least gave it 3 stars. It doesn't deserve one!

Posted by : jen flowers Date Added: 7/6/2013 12:24:08 AMreport this post 
definitely not a chick flick, my boyfriend is mad his friends couldn't see it. last night passed. I'm more scared than when I see a horror film. NOT middle of the road by any means. Congrats on your uncensored ways:)

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