Ended on 5/30/2013

A GREEN STORY -  (unrated)

2013 - USA - English, Greek, German (with English subtitles) - 95 minutes - Indican Pictures

Directed by: Nika Agiashvili

Featuring: Shannon Elizabeth, Ed O'Ross, Billy Zane

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Join us for a special Q&A for A GREEN STORY with star George Finn and real-life subject Van Vlahakis on MONDAY MAY 27, after the 5:10pm show. Introduction before the 7:15pm show.

Van Vlahakis left Greece for America five decades ago with only $22 in his pocket and the hope of a better future. He not only managed to live the American Dream, but created one of the largest environmentally safe brands – "Earth Friendly Products", now a US giant in eco-friendly products.

The story centers on the modern-day Vlahakis as he is diagnosed with cancer and given only few months to live. Determined to leave a legacy of honor he works tirelessly to close one final business deal ensuring his company’s success while taking on corporate America and transforming all of our lives.

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gud muvi for mi an may fameli

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