Ended on 6/19/2014


2013 - USA - English - 86 minutes - First Run Features

Directed by: Riley Morton

Featuring: Rick Steves, Alison Holcomb, John Mckay

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EVERGREEN: THE ROAD TO LEGALIZATION is the definitive feature documentary film on Initiative 502, which made Washington the first American state to legalize possession of recreational marijuana when it went into effect on December 6, 2012. Colorado became the second state to legalize when its own pot amendment was signed into law four days later. The citizens of Washington and Colorado push drug war policies into the national spotlight by approving unprecedented pot legalization initiatives in the November 2012 elections.

The rippling effect of these pivotal decisions on American drug policy continues to break ground in states across the nation.

EVERGREEN: THE ROAD TO LEGALIZATION captures this historic time, providing a balanced view of the issues surrounding I-502 by going inside both proponent and opponent camps to see how citizens are working to change cannabis prohibition policy.

“A prologue to the next chapters of marijuana legislation… setting the stage for the discussion of federal legalization… captures a crucial moment in the future of marijuana activism…”
– Indiewire

“A fascinating, extraordinarily well-researched and executed doc… How the law was constructed, why it succeeded in passing, what loopholes still exist that could potentially continue discriminatory law enforcement practices — it’s all laid out digestibly and compellingly by Morton and his team.”
– Filmmaker Magazine

”‘EVERGREEN’ reveals the weird lessons of Washington’s weed battle… a fascinating case study in the promise and perils of ballot-box democracy, and the give-and-take nature of social progress.”
– Salon

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