Ended on 6/12/2014


2013 - USA - English/Spanish - 100 minutes - Oscilloscope

Directed by: Sam Fleischner

Featuring: Andrea Suarez Paz, Jesus Sanchez-Velez, Azul Zorrilla

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STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS tells the story of Ricky, a 13-year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome who gets lost one day in the New York City subway system.

While his mother frantically searches for him above ground, the sensory-sensitive Ricky is exposed to the cacophony, eccentricity, and menace found in New York’s underground (including some scenes shot during Hurricane Sandy, which came to figure into the film’s story), resulting in a truly authentic view into both the wonders and the horrors of what lies below.

"Rings true from beginning to end." - Film Comment

"Completely, exhilaratingly alive." - New York Times

"A standout… leverages terrific acting and terrific production values to deliver a tale of desperation and hope.” - Film Journal

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Users Comments

Posted by : John Francis Fox Date Added: 3/6/2014 9:30:17 AMreport this post 
I want to thank Sam Fleishner for directing this remarkable film. Andrea Suarez Paz & Jesus Sanchez-Velez gave amazing performances. It reminded me of "The Little Fugitive." Fleishner surpassed it by taking us into the mind of a communicationally challenged child. My only issue with the film came when the mother's friend, Carmen berated a police officer because he tells the mother he has a video of her son, but it turns out to be a different child. We should always show respect to officers because of the sacrifices they make for us. When they make us mistakes,it's due to the pressure of their job.

Posted by : Carlos Hernandez Date Added: 5/18/2014 5:00:19 PMreport this post 
Can't wait to see my dear friend Andrea do what she loves so much. She's a fantastic person and mother.

Posted by : Cynthia Date Added: 5/20/2014 2:48:52 PMreport this post 
Hi my son is autistic, I think its a great thing what your doing, the public should be educated bout autism, or one having a child with autism and getting to know ones struggles and triumphs , I will look forward in seeing movie, ty sincerely, Cynthia bklyn, ny

Posted by : Maritza N. Date Added: 5/21/2014 11:41:51 AMreport this post 
Waiting to see the story of Ricky. I'm so thankful to the people that made this production witch will show all of us the reality of some children with disadvantages and the challenges that his parents must confront.

Posted by : Lisa Date Added: 5/22/2014 2:38:58 PMreport this post 
Andrea Suarez is an Awesome actress!!!! Can not wait to see this film.

Posted by : Carlos Hernandez Date Added: 5/22/2014 9:20:40 PMreport this post 
I just know it will be. Andrea Suarez is a great actress, and this movie touch' home.

Posted by : Manuel Castellanos Date Added: 5/30/2014 10:02:45 PMreport this post 
Offers a completely new and important view of New York city: from the point of view of a child that might be more accurate than the view we (the 'normal' people) have of this city.

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