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Cinema Village

11th Annual Manhattan Film Festival

SHOWTIMES 10/19/2017 (change date):

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Manhattan Film Festival was founded by independent filmmakers that learned first-hand how hard it is to find an independent film an audience. Over the years they have worked to find new ways to help filmmakers pursue a career in filmmaking. For more than a decade they have programmed a diverse film lineup that features student, emerging, and established talent.




Friday, April 21st


Boys in the Trees

TRT: 112M

Directed by Nicholas Verso

Synopsis: On Halloween 1997, two estranged teen skaters embark on a surreal journey through their memories, dreams and fears.


3:00 pm

International Shorts Program


In the Rough

TRT: 18M

Directed by Cappello Vincent


5 Minutes


Directed by David Innes Edwards


Mad Love

TRT: 16M

Directed by Gilbert Glogowski


The Perfect Day

TRT: 11M

Directed by Ignacio Redondo



TRT: 13M

Directed by Michael Maschina




TRT: 22M

Directed by Shai Itzhar



Bullock the Bruiser

TRT: 40M

Directed by Marcelo Mayen

Synopsis: After hospitalizing a controversial public figure, New York City dubbed him “The Bruiser”; however, if Wilson Bullock wants to win back his ex-girlfriend, he’s gonna have to prove he’s done indulging his petty superhero identity.


6:00 pm

Variety Music Program



TRT: 25M

Directed by Blanche Baker


A Musical Confession

TRT: 11M

Directed by Martin Sandahl




Directed by Roger Hill


7:00 pm

Opening Shorts Program


New Year’s Eve @ Sunny’s

TRT: 17M

Directed by Bob Giraldi


Lost and Found

TRT: 10M

Directed by Craig Herron


90 Days

TRT: 19M

Directed by Nathan Hale Williams



TRT: 15M

Directed by Serife Potuk


Waiting List

TRT: 11M

Directed by Yuanchen Liu, Stev McCann, Faith Bernstein


9:00 pm

Pasquale’s Magic Veal

TRT: 21M

Directed by D.J. Higgins


American Fango

TRT: 104M

Synopsis: A coming-to-New York love story about an Italian actor who comes to New York City from Rome, and through a series of misadventures becomes romantically involved with several beautiful women. Sidetracked in Los Angeles, he is ultimately transformed by the power of true love … and the realization that he is really a New Yorker at heart!


Saturday, April 22nd


1:00 pm

Student Film Program


Brain Power


Directed by Armando Milano


Edward & His Chocolate

TRT: 14M

Directed by Grace Gao



TRT: 17M

Directed by Linus Herbig-Matten


As It Seems

TRT: 19M

Directed by Nancy Menagh


Blank Canvas

TRT: 13M

Directed by Steven Bennett



TRT: 45M

Directed by Andrew Zuckerman


3:15 PM

Dramatic Family Program




Directed by Alexander Suber



TRT: 19M

Directed by Andy Cruz


My Name is Maria de Jesus

TRT: 17M

Directed by Marcella Ochoa


And the Cow Goes Moo

TRT: 11M

Directed by Michelle Magpiong


African Beauty

TRT: 13M

Directed by Nishanth Nair


A California Lullaby

TRT: 11M

Directed by Omar Antonio Iturriaga



TRT: 22M

Directed by Vicente Luna


5:00 pm

Growing up FAT and Albanian

TRT: 36M

Directed by Dhimiter Ismailaj-Valona

Synopsis: A movie that’s messy, complicated, violent… a movie about FAMILY.


2nd LiFE


Directed by Jake Alexander

Synopsis: Madou Dossama (43) an immigrant husband and father of two young children attends a job interview that could change his family’s life. During this job interview with hospital administrator, Garrett Morgan (54), we discover that there is more to Madou Dossama than meets the eye. Will Madou’s passion and determination be enough for him to achieve his goal for a better life… given the chance what would you do if given a 2ND LIFE.




TRT: 16M

Directed by Tom Bragg


7:00 pm

From Hollywood to Rose

TRT: 84M

Directed by Liz Graham and Matt Jacobs

Synopsis: When embarking on a mythic quest, its best to take the bus.


9:00 pm

Dramatic Short Program


On The Edge


Directed by Alia Lundy




Directed by Fabien Colas


22 Years

TRT: 16M

Directed by Fred Thomas Jr.



TRT: 16M

Directed by Jesse R. Tendler


Downward Hiro

TRT: 21M

Directed by Kelly Perine, Bry Thomas Sanders


Ghost Ride

TRT: 17M

Directed by Kevin Smyth


Lucy In My Eyes

TRT: 11M

Directed by Megan Park


The Wrights

TRT: 14M

Directed by Michael Steger


Sunday, April 23rd


1:00 pm

YADVI-The Dignified Princess

TRT: 107M

Directed by Jyoti Singh

Synopsis: Based on True Story of a Princess in India. Her journey of strength and courage and living with Dignity, at times where women hardly had any freedom.


3:00 pm

Musical Film Program


La Folía

TRT: 13M

Directed by Adam Grannick


The Legion of Grads

TRT: 33M

Directed by Kevin Duda


Seeking Alice

TRT: 16M

Directed by Mark Olsen



TRT: 26M

Directed by Nathan Brewer


Gingerbread House

TRT: 33M

Directed by VP Boyle


5:00 pm

Fists of Love

TRT: 94M

Directed by Daryl Denner

Synopsis: John (Franky G), a NYC Domestic Violence Officer on edge dealing with his tragic past falls in love with Lina (Frances Lozada), a woman married to an abusive husband Brad (Angel Ramirez). The situation escalates and spirals out of control.


7:00 pm

Pride Fighter

TRT: 14M

Directed by Danny Ryan


Face 2 Face

TRT: 88M

Directed by Matt Toronto

Synopsis: Over a series of video chats, a teenage outcast reaches out to his childhood friend, but finds that behind the veneer of popularity and a seemingly perfect life, she hides a disturbing secret.


9:00 pm

Comedic Short Program


The Reading

TRT: 11M

Directed by Alex Mckelvey


A Conversational Place

TRT: 13M

Directed by Bob Giraldi


Life, Coached

TRT: 15M

Directed by Chloe Lenihan



Flat Tire

TRT: 10M

Directed by Kamyar Raad


Two Guys

TRT: 12M

Directed by Michael Kohlbrenner


Candice & Peter’s Smokin’ Hot Date


Directed by Michael P Mason, Leanne Melissa Bishop


Split Me

TRT: 14M

Directed by Andrew Shanks


Water on the Moon


Directed by Phoebe L Dunn


Monday, April 24th

Matinee Short Program


1:00 pm

Sound of Joy


Directed by Peter Wulff


Anything It Takes

TRT: 29M

Directed by Michael Ryan Wilson



TRT: 29M

Directed by Taras Demian Groves


3:00 pm

Look Who’s Minding Our Planet

TRT: 13M

Directed by Sara Lukinson


Plant Codes, Unleashing Nature’s Healing Power

TRT: 90M

Directed by Gary Null

Synopsis: There is a health crisis of epidemic proportions effecting our entire country. This year in the United States, we have spent over 3.5 trillion dollars on healthcare. Considering we are getting fatter, sicker and have a shorter life span than ever before, something is terribly wrong.



5:30 pm

6 Love Stories

TRT: 75M

Directed by Michael Dunaway

Synopsis: Over the course of one afternoon, in six different parts of LA, six couples connect, reconnect, or fall apart. Love Actually meets Magnolia.


7:00 pm

An Undeniable Voice

TRT: 16M

Directed by Price Arana


Upstairs Inferno

TRT: 96M

Directed by Robert L. Camina

Synopsis: On June 24, 1973, a gay bar in New Orleans called the Up Stairs Lounge was deliberately set on fire: an event which held the title of “Largest Gay Mass Murder in U.S. History” for 43 years.


9:00 pm

Emerald City

TRT: 89M

Directed by Colin Broderick

Synopsis: A hard-living crew of Irish construction workers in NYC reach the end of the line.


Tuesday, April 25th

1:00 pm

Out of Innocence

TRT: 108M

Directed by Danny Hiller

Synopsis: A link is wrongly made between the secret birth of a stillborn baby and the brutal murder of another, found 50 miles away.


3:00 pm

Heaven’s Floor

TRT: 86M

Directed by Lori Stoll

Synopsis: A photographer chases adventure from Los Angeles to the Canadian Arctic and finds herself on the line between life and death. Abandoned on sea ice, she is rescued by a young Inuit girl, who becomes her adopted daughter.


5:00 pm

Film Heals Program


Grape Leaves


Directed by Dina Najjar


Anastasia Lin: The Crown

TRT: 21M

Directed by Kacey Cox


Remember Everything, To Not Forget Anyone


Directed by Paolo Caspani


Some Girls

TRT: 52M

Directed by Raquel Cepeda


Somebody NEEDS You


Directed by Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon, Dani Bowman




Directed by Yeeshai Gross, Matt Scott




Directed by Isaac Kerlow


7:00 pm


TRT: 101M

Directed by Trevor Clark Thalin

Synopsis: When a teenage girl desperate to find her mother is brought to yet another foster home, she runs away with her drug dealer boyfriend and has to survive on the streets of Burlington.


9:00 pm

Mr. Reilly

TRT: 27M

Directed by Joe Blute

Synopsis: A mortgage broker is burdened by his dying daughter with weeks to live, when an unexpected visitor appears in attempt to help him.


9:45 pm

Variety Short Series

Off Track Betty

TRT: 19M

Directed by Clayton Dean Smith


The Tables

TRT: 19M

Directed by Jon Bunning


In Honor of Jack

TRT: 16M


3 Minutes

TRT: 12M

Directed by Michael Medeiros



TRT: 14M

Directed by Mohammed Alsultan


Road Kill

TRT: 21M

Directed by Campbell Dalglish


Public Speaking

TRT: 14M

Directed by Noah Millman



Wednesday, April 26th


1:00 pm

Canine Soldiers

TRT: 66M

Directed by Nancy Schiesari

Synopsis: Canine Soldiers explores the experience of going to war with a Military Working Dog, trained to find bombs before they can kill or maim soldiers, often at the expense of the dog’s sanity.



Bright Lights

TRT: 67M

Directed by Jen Lee

Synopsis: As live storytelling grows into a cultural phenomenon, six performers share their journey into its spotlight. The friendships they've formed are an anchor as their voices reach beyond the stages of New York City into publishing, radio, international art festivals and film.


They came from different worlds: comedy, improv, illustration, writing, full-time parenting and architecture. Storytelling shows in venues across New York City gave them a voice, but more importantly gave them each other. These performers give a back stage look at the ways the storytelling world has grown and changed, and at the friendships that have transformed them. They examine what makes telling true stories about our lives engaging, powerful and important.


4:45 pm

Lost Village

TRT: 89M

Directed by Roger Paradiso

Synopsis: In Greenwich Village there is Debt Slavery and prostitution at NYU due to high tuition and fees for students. Land Lords are changing the character of the Bohemian Village due to outrageous rents and pass along real estate taxes.


6:30 pm


TRT: 28M

Directed by Thiago DaDalt


7:00 pm

Sticky Notes

TRT: 94M

Directed by Amanda Sharp

Synopsis: A story about love and loss. And maybe one day – love again.


9:00 pm

Divine justice

TRT: 14M

Directed by Alejandro Irías


Breaking Night


Directed by Clint Mouriño


One Buck

TRT: 89M

Directed by Fabien Dufils

Synopsis: Shifting from one pocket to another, from one man’s drama to another, a lowly dollar bill, ‘one buck’ takes us on an odyssey through the heart of a forgotten town in Louisiana.


Thursday, April 27th

1:00 pm

The Orchard

TRT: 98M

Directed by Kate Twa

Synopsis: Brash Los Angeles talent agent Max Roth unexpectedly inherits a small peach orchard from an eccentric Aunt – in Canada. Max travels to British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley expecting to make a quick sale to foreign developers and move on. His life changes as he becomes enchanted with the countryside, the old house, and a firebrand activist named Olive who is hell-bent on stopping the sale.


3:00 pm

A Rabbi, a Priest and an ex-Gumba...

TRT: 80M           

Direct by Daniel Bollag

Synopsis: A black comedy about a bank robbery gone awry.


5:00 pm

Surprise Me!

TRT: 108M

Directed by Nancy Goodman

Synopsis: What if pain was merely a set up for the ultimate surprise party?


7:00 pm

The Depths

TRT: 88M

Directed by Jamison LoCascio

Synopsis: Desperate for a measure of success, wannabe screenwriters Mickey Hansen and Ray Ferguson decide to fully explore the depths of murder and crime within their story only to discover their obsession with their work has made it all too real.


9:00 pm

Laura Gets a Cat

TRT: 83M

Directed by Michael Ferrell

Synopsis: Laura, an unemployed writer in New York City, tries to juggle an unexciting boyfriend, an affair with a performance artist, and a vivid imaginary life.