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Cinema Village


Vertical Entertainment - 102 min
  • DIRECTOR: Trevor White
  • STARRING: Rich Sommer, Clifton Collins Jr., Joanne Froggatt, Amanda Crew

SHOWTIMES 06/16/2019 (change date):

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Michael Vaughn’s (Rich Sommer) minister father (Ed Harris) always told him: Better to be an honest nobody than a crooked somebody. But Michael doesn’t see the harm in giving people the closure they need with the dead and travels town-to-town professing his abilities as a spirit medium. One night, Michael is kidnapped. With a knife to his throat, Michael suddenly sees the opportunity of a lifetime in his psychologically unstable captor’s desperation to make contact with the other side. Intent on saving his floundering career, and with his associate Chelsea (Joanne Froggatt) by his side, Michael sets out to become a celebrity TV psychic by solving the mystery of a high-profile crime in the national spotlight. Featuring a pulse-pounding score by Andrew Hewitt, A Crooked Somebody begs the question: Should one strive for an anonymous, truthful life, or for notoriety at all costs?



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