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Cinema Village

All the Lord's Men

(R) Burton Pictures - 108 min
  • DIRECTOR: Andrew Burton
  • STARRING: Andrew Burton, Matt Fling, Iris Braydon, Noel Mirabal, Ilia Volok, Olivier Riquelme, William Castrogiovanni

SHOWTIMES 07/28/2022 (change date):


California - the near future: two unskilled detectives from Los Angeles (Burton & Mirabal) fall under the influence of a mysterious cult leader while on a mission to nowhere. This cult leader, a certain Dr. Busner (Fling), is joined by an ensemble of wildly eccentric societal castaways as he seeks to integrate his vision for a new world with the demands of Myra from Geneva, (scene-stealer Braydon) a woman who claims to be the new God. As we follow these characters on their investigations into the veracity of Myra’s claims, we begin to ask ourselves, like Jimmy and Jerry do: Can reality ever really be...real?



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