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Cinema Village


(NR) Amor Media - 87 min
  • DIRECTOR: Robert Shaye
  • STARRING: Sonoya Mizuno, Katherine Hughes, Giles Matthey

SHOWTIMES 08/07/2020 (change date):

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AMBITION is a psychological thriller revealing the terrifying consequences of blind ambition Jude Hunter (Sonoya Mizuno – CRAZY RICH ASIANS) is an aspiring violinist preparing for the biggest audition of her life. As the mysterious death surrounding her competition looms, Jude fears she may be next.

Questioning the intentions of her friends and the charming, mysterious new guy who moves in next door, tensions elevate insurmountably as she convinces herself unknown forces are out to destroy her. One night, her suspicions culminate during an unrelenting rainstorm, when she finds herself fending for her life after discovering just how dangerous her new neighbor can be – a horrifying climax that raises the question, is seeing really believing?



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