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Double Exposure - 60 min
  • DIRECTOR: Crystal Emery

SHOWTIMES 09/20/2017 (change date):

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Black Women in Medicine” is the first documentary to explore the history, contemporary issues, and future possibilities of African American women physicians by featuring the diverse voices of young medical students, practicing physicians, and elder trailblazers all of whom share intimate stories of what it means to be a Black Woman Doctor in America. This groundbreaking  film includes rarely seen documentation of Black women practicing medicine during critical operations, emergency room urgent care, and community wellness sessions as well as in depth original interviews and compelling archival images. In telling the stories of women who have persevered in medical fields in part by overcoming barriers linked to race and gender, “Black Women in Medicine” provides audiences with a vivid and stunning experience of the triumph of the human spirit.




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5 out of 5 stars

A must see!

August 28, 2016
What an epic film! Filled with emotion, inspiration and determination, all essential attributes to achieve anything in life. Go for the Oscar!!!!