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Cinema Village

Block of Shorts # 2 - Home & Health (SRFF 2023)

85 min

SHOWTIMES 05/25/2024 (change date):

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Saturday March 18 at 1:00 PM

Q&A with the Directors

Azúcar (Sugar) | North American Premiere — ANIMATION SHORT TRAILER

Joshua Gunn | United States | 2021 | 6:55 mins    

Azúcar is the story of a mother and son searching for a better life. They have traveled more than 1500 miles from Honduras to the US border and tonight they will attempt to cross the Rio Grande. However, nothing goes as planned.



Theresa Katharina Eschbacher | Austria | 2022 | 13:16 mins        

Nura and her family have been relocated multiple times since fleeing Syria. They are now welcomed by a social worker to their newly assigned shelter - an isolated cabin hidden amidst the Austrian alps. When Ali, the father, heads out to run errands in the village, Nura has to face the consequences of her resistance to accept her new reality.


The Count | New York Premiere — DOC SHORT TRAILER

Jake Isaacs | United States | 2022 | 12:48 mins     

An inside look at the yearly Homeless Count, through the eyes of a leading homeless services organization in South Los Angeles, HOPICS.



Rachel Meyrick | United Kingdom | 2021 | 20 mins           

After Fred is the story of a miraculous escape and how it’s never too late to change.  Charlotta’s violent marriage was brought to an abrupt end after 40 years when a shop assistant witnessed her being attacked and called it out. Two years on she is free and, aged 82, is blossoming as a warrior advocate, supporting women decades younger than her to face the court system after making their own escapes from domestic violence.


The Metabolic Connection® | World Premiere — DOC SHORT / WOMEN DIRECTED

Angelique Letizia | United States | 2022 | 9:47 mins TRAILER    

Documentary (short) Film addressing the diet industry’s contribution to the obesity epidemic, body image and Americans generational, disordered relationship with food and the TMC solution.


Sugar Coated: The Truth About Eating Disorders | World Premiere — DOC SHORT

Ambreen Qureshi | United States | 2022 | 22:49 mins      


Sugar Coated is a collaborative youth-produced social justice documentary film created by high school students across New York City participating in EVC’s flagship program. Eating disorders are a mental health issue and have the second-highest mortality rate of any psychiatric diagnosis, outranked only by opioid disorders. Why hasn’t this been said publicly? How does mental health correlate with eating disorders? How can you cope with mental health issues during a pandemic? How has living through the pandemic increased mental health and eating disorders? 97 percent of individuals hospitalized for an eating disorder were also diagnosed with a mood disorder. Many people in New York City are not concerned about living a healthier lifestyle. In this documentary, we will present how mental health correlates with eating disorders.


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