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Double Exposure Distribution - 96 min

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Three-time Golden Remi winner Writer/Director Patrea Patrick brings to the screen an exciting story of Bruno Sammartino and his escape from the Nazis in World War II Italy. A desperate family struggles to survive as SS troops mow down people and take over the town. The story captures the strength of a mother’s love and courage intertwined with devotion of a son to live up to be something great as a tribute to the mother who saved his life. In his long career in wrestling as a world champion Bruno Sammartino is the quintessential immigrant story and was the idol of such greats as Arnold Swarzenegger, Stan Hanson, John Sena and the Miz. His mother’s determination not to let any of her children perish at the hands of the SS is what forged the character of this legendary wrestler. Bruno held the world championship of wrestling for over seven years; sold out Madison Square Garden more than any other attraction and because of his athletic skill and dedication to family values developed a huge fan base. Nazis, strong women and wrestling meld in an exciting backdrop of this hero’s life. Patrea Patrick has delicately woven the two stories together to create the definitive portrait of a legendary wrestler.


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E ryna
5 out of 5 stars

Bruno Sammartino

December 5, 2019