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Cinema Village

Civilization in the Danger Zone

(PG) CINEMAflix - 65 min
  • DIRECTOR: Gloria Z. Greenfield
  • STARRING: Victor Davis Hanson | Ruth Wisse | Kenneth Marcus | Eric Cohen | Rich Lowry | Larry Arnn | Dave Rubin | Heather Mac Donald | Rod Dreher | Christopher Rufo | Peter Wood | David Brog | Ben Weingarten | Moshe Koppel | John Hinderaker | Nicole Neily | Jason Hill | Robert Paquette | Mark Tapson | Carol Swain | Frank Gaffney | Rachelle Peterson | Michael Medved

SHOWTIMES 04/25/2023 (change date):


Civilization in the Danger Zone incisively exposes the divisive political and cultural agendas that are subverting Western values and liberties. The film’s renowned scholars and culture critics explain the threats and offer insights into how to reverse the tide of our civilizational decline.


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