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Cinema Village

Coming Home In The Dark

(NR) 93 min
  • DIRECTOR: James Ashcroft
  • STARRING: Daniel Gillies, Erik Thomson, Miriama McDowell

SHOWTIMES 10/01/2021 (change date):

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A family’s outing descends into terror when teacher Alan Hoaganraad, his wife Jill and stepsons Maika and Jordon explore an isolated coastline. An unexpected meeting with a pair of drifters - the enigmatic psychopath Mandrake and his accomplice Tubs - thrusts the family into a nightmare after the duo kidnaps them and embarks on a road trip to hell.



Overall Rating Based on 1 Review
4.0 out of 5 stars
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Current Reviews
John Francis Fox
4 out of 5 stars

Powerful and all-too-real horror film

October 7, 2021
I remember once seeing a very powerful horror film called "Preservation" at the Cinema Village, which showed how three friends' vacation was disrupted by a group pf masked invaders, but this film was even more memorable because we see who the monsters are from the beginning, and we gradually learn what caused them to become such monsters. However, one part of the film that I found most troubling was when one of the kidnappers of the family criticized a teacher from his school for making another student remove a swastika tattoo, and it was even more troubling because the teacher had a Jewish name. We cannot blame a Jewish teacher for making a student remove a swastika tattoo nor should we blame a Black teacher for making a student remove a tattoo of a Confederate flag. The Nazis and the slave holders and the slaughterers of the Native Americans were the worst monsters of all.