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Cinema Village


(UR) Breaking Glass Pictures - 83 min
  • DIRECTOR: Mark Blane, Ben Mankoff
  • STARRING: Jeanine Serralles, Peter Y. Kim, Mark Blane, Christian Patrick and Joseph Seuffert with Patricia Richardson and Matthew Shear

SHOWTIMES 10/03/2023 (change date):

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Q&As with Writer/Director/Star - Mark Blane and special guests for both shows Friday (11/1), Saturday (11/2) and Sunday(11/3)


Meet Mark: an awkward man-child who fibs his way from Indiana to NYC, armed with only a box of childhood memories and a fake forwarding address. His mother, Peggy, believes he's landed a prestigious art gallery job. To afford rent and anxiety medications, Mark becomes a babysitter for an affluent Park Slope family, whose son Milo becomes the only person who accepts this stilted gay man. Well, except for Leather-Man, Mark’s fantasy superhero who materializes thanks to an LSD-laced cupcake. Cubby is a bizarre heart-filled fairy tale for the twenty-something queer kid who comes of age...a little late.


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