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Cinema Village


CINEMAflix - 99 min
  • DIRECTOR: Raghav Peri
  • STARRING: Gail Wagner, Emily McKinley Hill, James Robinson Jr., Jason R. Maga, Kevin Austra, Ed Aristone, Kevin Francis, Kevin D. Benton, Kirsten Valania, Charles ‘Linwood’ Jackson, Sharyn Pak Withers

SHOWTIMES 01/02/2019 (change date):


A Holocaust survivor, Agnes, living in Slaughter Beach, Delaware, is tasked with raising her grandchildren after they are abandoned on her doorstep. As they grow up, she finds she is not able to control them. Her grandson, Gallagher, finds himself in a gay romance with a sincere suitor. The granddaughter, Tasha, is attracted to a young hoodlum. Agnes, permanently traumatized by her wartime experiences, is emotionally abusive to Gallagher and Tasha. Will they be able to forgive her before it’s too late?



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