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Cinema Village

Exhorter: Portrait of A Street Gigolo (plus short)

(R) AB Film Productions - 102 min
  • DIRECTOR: Alan Baxter
  • STARRING: Sal Anzalone, Zach Stoppert, Kevin Shivcharran, David Biozes, etc

SHOWTIMES 12/02/2022 (change date):

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Q&A with Director Alan Baxter Friday 12/2 and Saturday 12/3 after 6:00pm shows & Introduction before 8:30pm shows 


Art collector Kingston Watson is a father, frustrated husband and a successful lawyer who lives, yes, but isn't really alive--until he meets a young gigolo named Action. Action, also nick-named "White Boy", is handsome and bursting with joie de vivre. Kingston cannot deny the attraction he feels for this New York City stripper. The ache in Kingston's soul leads him to Action's heart. But even a heart as young as Action's struggles whether to accept the life he should be or should not be living. This Film Noir Feature depicts not only a sexual encounter between a lonely Park Avenue Lawyer and a very handsome street gigolo, but also illustrates the major social, economic differences that exists not only in New York City, but throughout the entire USA. We live in a very status conscious society, but when our clothes are off, we are all the same. The lawyer is also an art collector, and various paintings shown in this film give us a clue to what one of the underlining themes is all about.


Followed by short film MISTAKEN IDENTITY (see poster below)



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