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Cinema Village

Forms of Self-Preservation (IMAGINE SCIENCE FILM FESTIVAL)

86 min
  • DIRECTOR: Vytautas Plukas, Domas Petronis, Kendra McLaughlin, G. Anthony Svatek, Riccardo Giacconi, Camille Hollett-French, Nadège Herrygers

SHOWTIMES 10/16/2022 (change date):

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In partnership with the Eugene Lang College at The New School

IEVA| Vytautas Plukas, Domas Petronis, Lithuania, 14 min, 2021 - East Coast Premiere

La Plage aux êtres | Kendra McLaughlin, France, 20 min, 2022 - US Premiere

Global Fruit | G. Anthony Svatek, USA, 4 min, 2022

Diteggiatura | Riccardo Giacconi, Italy, 17 min, 2022

Spark | Camille Hollett-French, Canada, 19 min, 2022 - NY Premiere

Bad Seed (Mauvaise graine) | Nadège Herrygers, France, 12 min, 2022 - NY Premiere



The act of storing and preserving speaks to our guilty conscious. Protect, persist, perform? How do we transcend our lives and conscience to mark our existence in the past, present, and future? Do we go this far for ourselves or for a larger "humanitarian" cause?



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