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Cinema Village


(NR) Cleopatra Entertainment, LLC - 90 min
  • DIRECTOR: Michael Thomas Daniel
  • STARRING: Lin Shaye, Robert Miano, Weston Coppola Cage, Bailey Coppola, Rico E. Anderson

SHOWTIMES 12/03/2023 (change date):

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Hoax Busters, an internet “fake video” team take a weekend retreat after busting another online myth to do some team building. They travel to Whiskey Flats, Oregon and meet with Craig Eubanks, a shifty, bossy know-it-all outdoor guide who promises them that his company - Rocks And Roots - will build up their team confidence. At the same time, an invasive drilling company with the rights handed over by the Federal government are moving onto the land of a family that has lived on the property illegally, for over 30 years. When the drillers attack the family - and the hoax busters get caught in the middle of it all - things go quickly awry.


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4.0 out of 5 stars
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4 out of 5 stars


January 27, 2020
This is a ULB film yet it feels like it cost more. It has some tropes from other films to be sure, but they made me feel sympathy for the devil, so to speak, and I had fun in this little movie. Will it win an Oscar? No... still, a good time