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Cinema Village


(NR) Cleopatra Entertainment, LLC - 90 min
  • DIRECTOR: Michael Thomas Daniel
  • STARRING: Lin Shaye, Robert Miano, Weston Coppola Cage, Bailey Coppola, Rico E. Anderson

SHOWTIMES 01/26/2020 (change date):


Hoax Busters, an internet “fake video” team take a weekend retreat after busting another online myth to do some team building. They travel to Whiskey Flats, Oregon and meet with Craig Eubanks, a shifty, bossy know-it-all outdoor guide who promises them that his company - Rocks And Roots - will build up their team confidence. At the same time, an invasive drilling company with the rights handed over by the Federal government are moving onto the land of a family that has lived on the property illegally, for over 30 years. When the drillers attack the family - and the hoax busters get caught in the middle of it all - things go quickly awry.


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