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Cinema Village

Hell or High Seas

(NR) 90 min
  • DIRECTOR: Glenn Holsten
  • STARRING: Taylor Grieger, Stephen O'Shea, John Rose

SHOWTIMES 11/26/2021 (change date):

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Q&As with Director Glenn Holsten, Producer Chayne Gregg, cast and crew and members of the Stay Safe Foundation on 11/27 and 12/2 after the 7pm screenings.


Hell or High Seas follows U.S. Navy veteran Taylor Grieger and writer Stephen O’Shea as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime — sailing around Cape Horn, the world’s most treacherous ocean waters. The film is a moving portrait of a veteran using his own painful journey with PTSD to find healing for himself, and pave a smoother path for veterans returning to civilian life. Hell or High Seas is an adventure film with a deep, universal message about perseverance and hope.


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