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Cinema Village

Letter from Yene + Further & Further Away (IMAGINE SCIENCE FILM FESTIVAL)

74 min
  • DIRECTOR: Manthia Diawara, Polen Ly

SHOWTIMES 10/18/2022 (change date):

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In partnership with the African Film Festival

From Cambodia to Senegal, these two films explore the complicated relationship with the environment that we both arrive and leave from.


A Letter from Yene emerges from conversations with the community in the seaside town of Yene, Senegal, where Diawara lives for part of the year.


Letter from Yene | Manthia Diawara, Senegal, 50 min, 2022


preceded by:


In Further and Further Away by Polen Ly, the construction of a dam has flooded two sibling's Indigenous village and they find it hard to get settled on the newly allocated farmland.


Further and Further Away (Chhngai Dach Alai) | Polen Ly, Cambodia, 24 min, 2022



Total Run Time: 74 min



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