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Cinema Village


(NR) Sidewinder - (Short) - 29 min
  • DIRECTOR: Stephen Crisman

SHOWTIMES 07/02/2020 (change date):

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On September 5, 1972, Palestinian extremists infiltrated the athletes’ dorms at the Munich Summer Olympics to take 11 Israeli athletes hostage and eventually murdered them all before being killed or captured by the German police. Award winning filmmaker Stephen Crisman revisits that tragic day in chilling detail through new interviews with both Israelis and Palestinians, as well as family members, eyewitnesses, Olympic authorities and government officials. An intensely emotional account of the first act of modern terrorism viewed worldwide as it unfolded, Munich ’72 and Beyond exposes shocking new information about the tragic events and their devastating aftermath, as well as chronicling the four-decade-long struggle to create a public memorial to the victims of the massacre.



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