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(NR) mTuckman Media - 96 min
  • DIRECTOR: Mike Tolajian

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Across the Bay from the NBA champion Golden State Warriors is another Warriors team, one that plays only home games. Felony convictions derailed the lives of the San Quentin Prison squad, some of them promising players. The rocky road to rehabilitation is the point of the game in this eye-opening, inspirational documentary, executive produced by Kevin Durant, who calls his experience playing against San Quentin “unforgettable.” Q Ball‘s focus is on determined men grappling indelibly with the gravity of their crimes and reaching for redemption.

The film zeroes in on about-to-be-paroled star player Harry “ATL” Smith, who has not surrendered his NBA dreams; Anthony “Ant” Ammons, a lifer who has become a mentor to younger inmates; and head coach Rafael Cuevas, a convicted murderer who understands his role in preparing his players for life on the outside. For all three men, the team is not just a means of recreation, but a form of family. The story closely examines life on the inside, not just for the Warriors, but for all the inmates in a prison that prioritizes the rehabilitation of convicts who will one day finish serving their time and rejoin society.



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5.0 out of 5 stars
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Current Reviews
Teddy One
5 out of 5 stars

Truly eye-opening!

May 27, 2019
Raw and truthful ... but hopeful as well.

Dragon King
5 out of 5 stars

Nuanced depiction of redemption

May 15, 2019
Super entertaining documentary that really makes you think and feel. It presents a lot of interesting information about our incarceration system and really makes you think about the grey areas of right vs. wrong. It also has some fantastic basketball and glimpses of life inside prison.

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Phylora S
5 out of 5 stars


April 24, 2019
This film gives a glimpse into the lives of a handful of inmates that play basketball as the San Quentin Warriors. Their stories are hauntingly unforgettable, tragic yet triumphant. I truly enjoyed this film.